Our Little Angel's Staff

Certified, Competent, and Caring

All Little Angels’ teachers are State, CPR, and First Aid certified. They are highly experienced in the field of Early Childhood Education and display a genuine and visible love for children.

We pride ourselves in our very low teacher turnover rate. Over half of the Little Angels staff has been with the school for over 10 years.  In addition, three former “Little Angels” have valued their educational upbringing with Little Angels enough to seek and secure employment in our schools. For these reasons, parents and students love the consistency, quality, and dedication of the Little Angels team.

These energetic teachers plan daily activities in a bright and cheery child-care environment to encourage your child’s eager investigation and learning. They provide a consistent structure that pre-schoolers and Kindergartners crave. Your child will enjoy a daily balance of quiet and creative activities, spirited music and movement, as well as plenty of outdoor climbing, running, and jumping while being supervised by our caring and capable staff.

Our teachers pride themselves on maintaining an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and order. This atmosphere is one in which children learn to respect themselves, their peers, and their teachers.

Dracut Staff

90 Arlington Street, Dracut MA

Erin Anderson, 4 yrs.
Nancy Anthony, 13 yrs.
Alexandria Barbas, 9 yrs.
(former Little Angel)
Nancy Brustas, 36 yrs.

Traci Collins, 16 yrs.
Kelly Dolan, 20 yrs.
Christine Hogan, 13 yrs.
Kelsey Laganas, 9 yrs.
Alissa Tanguay, 6 yrs.

Faye Mallardo, 17 yrs.
Kelli Ninteau, 20 yrs.
(former Little Angel)
MaryEllen O’Donnell, 13 yrs.
Danielle Quinn, 13 yrs.  

Tyngsboro Staff

262 Middlesex Road, Tyngsboro MA

Kathy Belanger, 12 yrs.
Deanna Berard, 11 yrs.
Lauren Calandrella, 12 yrs.
Deb Cormier, 17 yrs.    
Sara Brustas, 10 yrs.

Cathy Fay, 27 yrs.
Maureen Holt, 32 yrs.
Lisa Newton, 30 yrs.
Carolyn Sullivan, 33 yrs.
Katie Collinge,  New Teacher

Rachel Pontbriant, 4 Years
(former Little Angel)
Samantha Surprenant, 4 yrs.